Tarek Heggi

[ Network Associate Director ]

Tarek Heggi is working over 24 years in different positions in the scope of computer network engineering, currently he is working as Network Associate Director at Palm Hills Development from 2015.

Network Associate Director is responsible for overseeing all aspects of overall network operations for all phases particularly: design optimization and managing the performance of service provisioning and proposing new/modifying existing methods to improve the execution of operation processes. In addition to performing evaluation for different technologies and vendors that provide fiber to the home products.

Before joining Palm Hills Development, he worked as Network Manager for the enterprise network of the Agricultural Research Center Since 2001.

He received his Ph.D. in Information Technology from Cairo University in 2017 and he obtained his M.Sc. in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering from Cairo University in 2001. His research interests are in the scope of provisioning of Dynamic Quality of Service approaches for real time application on the Internet and the methods for characterizing the real time traffic.