Mahmoud Nasr

[ Smart infrastructure planning manager ]

Mahmoud Nasr is smart infrastructure planning manager for the new administrative capital since 2017.

In his position he is responsible for the Leading the communication between different stakeholder related to the project during the design and implementation phases to grantee the fulfillment of all the requirement and needs of the different services within the city (Residential – commercial – utilities – smart services – administrative – public areas). The responsibilities managed by Nasr covers the scope of Designing of end-to-end solution for the ICT infrastructure of the new capital, including the FTTx network solution to fulfill the access capacity and ratings requirements for the whole city end users, Planning and design the detailed Optical Transport Network Capacity, Planning and design the communication Hub for the external connectivity from the new capital and country level Backbone. Planning and design the utility network including the smart grid communication and security.


Also Nasr responsible for Supervising, mentoring and quality check for the network design and Guaranteeing the smooth integration and interoperability of the solution with existing and new optical fiber connectivity networks.


Mahmoud Nasr is a Telecommunications Engineer and Master degree in Management of technology. He also worked in many positions in telecommunication vendors in more than one technology field similar to DWDM Optical Networks, OSP, ISP, FTTx and core networks