Kris Harrison

[ Head of Innovation and Technology ]

Kris Harrison has 28 years in the telecoms and IT sector working globally across multiple domains in operators, vendors, startup companies and solution integrators.  Kris has spent the last 10 years in operations excellence, service management, technology strategy and digital transformation, with a clear mandate of streamlining and automating operational work flows with strong emphasis on the quality of end customer experience.


With 10 years experience in the Middle East and in his new role of Head of Innovation and Technology within Detasad based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Kris is bringing together the operational delivery excellence in all aspects of operations across multiple verticals. Then combining innovative solutions that provide value add but cost-effective solutions to the immediate customer, meeting the challenges of speed, bandwidth and latency for the future world of connected devices, while ultimately focusing on increased quality of experience for the end user.

Kris Harrison is married with 3 daughters and therefore has very limited time for hobbies!!