Program Topics

The broadband vision and strategy for building the digital future in Egypt and MENA region   

The digital national strategy is based on the government vision in each country to build the ICT infrastructure as basis for the national digital transformation. Several countries in the MENA region have already initiated their national broadband networks policies as part of their digital vision and started implementation. High level panelists from MENA region and Egypt will discuss these initiatives and their roadmap for the digital future transformation.

The Broadband speed role in the digital economy development for citizens and businesses.

With FTTH 100MB and beyond speed, this is just the start to enhance and improve the life of both the residential and business communities. This session will show how fibre technologies will guarantee the delivery of the digital services for the implementation of IoT, smart cities; data centers…(like e-Government, e-Learning, e-Health, e-Business) to ensure a sustainable digital economy.

The operator’s success stories and challenges in FTTH deployment and business case – Investments, network sharing…

Financing FTTH networks is an important topic to develop the countries’ economies through creation of digital highways of information. The initiatives and the government’s role are crucial to find the best models and key players such as operators, municipalities and utilities with the best possible financing solutions to implement the national super-fast fibre networks. This session will showcase the success stories of the operators business models and the efficient ROI.

The real estate development – building the digital future and connected cities – Case studies  

While Fiber is becoming the access technology for compounds and gated communities and new communities in general, real estate developers are now embedding fiber technologies in their development plans. This session will show the real estate projects and plans in connecting every home with FTTH.

Fixed and Mobile Broadband convergence, 5G and Smart Cities Voice of Industry

Fixed and mobile operators are looking for more investments in Fibre to support their networks and 5G deployment and ensure continuous benefits beyond the homes. This session will showcase the latest trends and technologies as adopted today by the industry serving the broadband community with super fast connectivity.

Role of FTTH in building the digital future cities

FTTH plays a major role in the digital transformation as basis for a sustainable infrastructure. This session will explore the fiber technological innovations in building the passive networks to enable smart interactions through IoT, M2M,…

Fibre network design and architecture; deployment solutions and applications technologies

Fibre networks design and architecture is key for FTTH, FTTB, FTTA, FTTT…successful deployment using the right solutions and products to meet the challenges of the market and consumer needs to connect fiber to the homes and in the homes. This sessions whill show the design, the installation and the operation of the FTTH Networks.

How Fiber technologies and trends matter for the industry and the national economy

The panel discusses Fiber technologies and trends which matter for example the impact of building next generation networks and IoT on various industries in the MENA region resulting in an high economic potential and how IoT is expected to bring benefits in manufacturing, utilities, health care and transport or other industries.